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  • Model: SucculentAloeVera
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: AdeniumRose Company
  • Color: pink/red
  • Plant Size: 6" pot size
Qty :

Great flowering size aloe vera plant. 6" pot size plant with pups.

This is the one we use at home and in our nursery for cuts, burns, sunburns, etc. The leaves of this plant have light color repeated patterns as in the image.  The leaves grow to 8" to 10" in length.  Regular aloe vera (commercial variety) grows with leaves 3 to 4 feet long and not patterns in the leaves.

We just these in cactus/succulent due to their dense growth and great looking leaf patterns.

Bonus:  This one produces flower spikes of about 10" long with pink/red bell flowers.

Native to Africa, Aloe Vera is commonly cultivated as a pot plant and has two distinct types of medicinal use. The clear gel contained in the leaf is a remarkably effective healer of wounds and burns, speeding up the rate of healing and reducing the risk of infection. The yellow sap from the base of the leaf when dried is known as "bitter aloes". It is a strong laxative, useful for short-term constipation.

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