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Special soil mix we use .5cf (1/2 cubic feet)  - No SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA

This is our own formula used to grow adenium plants, cactus and succulents here in South Florida. South Florida is a tropical climate which means we get rain on the average 4 out of 7 days of the week from May through late September. Not just rain but down pours. The soil has perlite, coir, organic material and other ingredients including a time released fertilizer. It's a soiless mix.


Yes, you can use for other cactus and succulents too. The mix is great for starting bare root plants and even seeds. Its designed to drain quickly, however, the coir will retain some moisture for a short period of time.  The only ingredient we did not add is small rocks. We do not use small rocks in our soil mix here in South Florida. However, if you are in a colder climate where water does not evaporate quick we recommend and about 10% rock to the mix. Make sure the rock is NON-porous. No limestone, playground sand, etc.

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