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  • Model: Adenium3Pk
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: AdeniumRose Company
  • Color: Various
  • Plant Size: caudex 1.75 to 2.25 inches wide
Qty :

   Adenium plant 3 pack of assorted desert rose plants

Hybird flowering succulents which you can choose which desert rose you want to include in your assortment. Great way to start collecting adenium plants while lowering your cost.

   You will receive five quality mature adenium plants grafted on at least a three year old adenium obesum base plant with a well established caudex and root system.

   We reserve the right to substitute another adenium plant if one type is out of stock at the time of the order.


1. Determine which ones you want by name. Please NO LG (Large) or Variegrated please. DO not go to the PHOTO gallery to select the plants. The 5 pack are standard size adeniums.

2. Add the 3 pack to your cart

3. When you "check out" look where it says "special instructions" on the shipping page and put the adenium plant names you want in that area. 

***** Speical Note: Always give 2 alternatives. Not all plants are always in stock. *******

4. Continue with the checkout process to order your plants.

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