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  • Model: Dyna_GroProTekt8oz
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dyna-Gro
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  • Plant Size: 8oz
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Dyna-Gro Pro-TekT 0-0-3

Silicon is an element that is often overlooked in plant nutrition. Pro-TeKt® provides supplemental potassium and silicon in an easy to use liquid concentrate. Benefits of silicon include greater tolerance of environmental stresses and mineral toxicity or deficiency. Silicon deposited in cell walls forms a Pro-TeKtive barrier, defending your plants from water loss due to high temperatures. The increased strength of cell walls also results in drastic improvement of stem and branch strength. Since, silicon is rapidly bound in leaf tissue and deposited in a non-translocatable form within 24 hours of uptake, a continuous source of soluble silicon throughout the plant's life is very important.


  If your plant tends to get less sunlight than it should or it fails to respond to blooming fertilizers then use Dyna-Gro TekT which helps the plant to intake vital nutrients along with either Dyna-Gro Grow or Dyna-Gro bloom.  Low sunlight or short period of sunlight will make your plant grow poorly because it not getting the energy and light it needs to enough chlorophyll. Using the proper supplements will enhance the plants ability to absorb light, nutrients and water to give you a disease resistant better growing plant.

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