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  • Model: hoya pubicalyx splash 
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: AdeniumRose Company
  • Color:
  • Plant Size: 5 inch hanging pot
Qty :

      Hoya pubicalyx splash growing in 5" hanging pot. Hoya plant (not flower) in image were taken under cloudy conditions.  These are not rooted cuttings. This is a well established hoya plant and it's is a fast grower too!  Balls of long lasting succulent flowers with a sweet fragrance .



We ship from Miami, FL using priority mail or UPS depending upon the sie of the order.  The roots are wrapped in in foil to protect the roots and then in paper.  We do not ship with pot or soil.  Wen you receive the plant we recommend dipping the plant it in a Dyna-Gro Grow or Dyna-Gro K-L-N (this is what we use) for 20 minutes and then plant it.


     Hoya plants are rare flowering succulent plants with intriguing petals and flowers. All hoya plants from AdeniumRose company are established rooted plants that are grown in direct natural 70% sunlight about 6..7 hours of a day.  Hoyas are great climbing or hanging plants easy to grow in 60 to 80% light conditions .  The hoya plants have globe-like clusters of exotic waxy or porcelain flower color with stars in the centers and some with great fragrance.  Hoya plants are true succulents with thick leaves some variegated and others with interesting shapes and veins. 

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