Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Adenium plants and similar leafy plants: It is common for the leaves (some or all) to fall off during or after shipment. This is normal for plants. These plants are shipped bare root so the natural defense for the plant is to conserve water which means get rid of the leaves. Just like when plants go dormant; the leaves will turn yellow/brown and fall off. This does not hurt the plant. Just replant the plant, place in the proper growing environment, give a little water and the leaves will come back.

OUTSIDE CONTINENTAL USA:  Yes, we do ship to Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Canada and other areas. However, we do not provide pro-santary certificates and the buyer is responsible to check their local import requirements if any.  Yuo will need to contact us via email for shipping costs and methods. Please email your shipping address and your plant selection ready so we can caucluate box weight and size.  We will respond with costs.

Costs: The shipping costs are automatically calculated by a UPS interface. The shipping costs including packing labor, packing material, plant insurance and the actual shipping costs. UPS changes their rates 1..3 times every year depending on fuel cost.

Shipping time: Please note when we receive orders it takes processing time to gather the plants at the nursery (same day), transport the plants the next morning to our office for packing, labeling and pick by UPS or USPS.  Orders received before 3:30pm EST (Monday through Thursday) are shipped the next day unless held due to weather.  This includes next day delivery orders. They are not shipped the same day as the order was received.  Shipping method is not the same as order processing time.

Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska Shipping:  We DO NOT ship to these locations unless you contact us first. the shipping calculator does not calculate the right pricing because of the box sizes. UPS charges more to these locations when planting larger plants. If you process an order before contact us we will send you an email if the shipping is wrong. 

SPECIAL NOTE: It's important that you track the plants to your location. We are not responsible for clients not being at the receiving location to accept the plants or damage due to weather. We do the best we can to make sure your plants arrive in good condition. If you are not at the receiving location then select an alternate shipping location if possible at time of the order. USP policy is to LEAVE packages are residences even if the recipient is not at home. We are not responsible for stolen package.

RETURNS: We offer limited returns on plants. Non-Plant items are returnable UNUSED and UNOPENED up to 14 days from receipt. We offer replacement of plants that arrive bad (see SPECIAL NOTE above) or wrong plants sent. If you have a problem with a plant upon receipt of order you must contact use via email within 3 days of receiving the order.

FREIGHT. Most plants are shipped bare root which means without soil to conserve on freight cots. Presently, we ship via UPS. Care and maintenance instructions are included for all plants you order. If you notice any damage in shipping, please do not plant the succulent or cactus immediately - let it dry/heal first to prevent root rot problems

UPS Delivery Chart - Once shipped the color chart will give you an idea of when to expect the shipment. You will receive an email with the tracking number. Depending upon the time of year we vary the shipping/packing material to help protect the plants. If you every have a problem please let us know so it can be resolved. .

MINIMUMS. Currently we are not enforcing the minimums purchase amounts. However, we reserve the right in the future to require a minimum order of $25 excluding shipping and taxes. You can combine all items purchased to reach the minimum order amount.

ADDRESS. UPS requires a physical location. UPS will not deliver to a post office box. If you require special shipment handling please contact us. Please also give us a daytime phone number, in case we have any questions about your order. We do not ship out of the country at this time.

WEATHER. Please be aware of the weather in your area. Cactus and succulents contain large percentages of liquids that freeze during the winter and overheat during the summer. During the summer or during period of hot weather we do not ship on Fridays to prevent the plants from being in a hot UPS or USPS warehouse in Florida (we ship from Florida). Most plants can take short exposure to dold or heat, but they can not withstand prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures or excessive heat without air flow. If you live in areas that regularly dip below freezing, you may wish to delay shipping until early spring or summer. We normally do not advise shipping to northern locations from January through February. It is your responsibility to determine when you want your item shipped and your responsibility you guess wrong.

PAYMENT METHODS. Currently, we are using a secure credit card processing company for order processing. If you want to use money ordered, cashiers checks or other form of payment please contact us. Personal checks will hold your plant selections, but shipment will be delayed two weeks to allow the checks to clear.

SALES TAX. If you are a resident of Florida, we will add 7% to the total cost of your order. If you are ordering from out-of-state and your order will be shipped out-of-state, you are currently free of our state and local sales tax unless a law is enacted by the federal government requiring taxes to be collected.

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