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  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: AdeniumRose Company
  • Color: See image
  • Plant Size: Pot size 6 inch
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DRock Orange Plumeria Plant Sieze large

Pleasant Sweet fragrance

Single Tip

          The plumeria plants have thick stems/trunks and thick leathery leaves. The flower is produced at the end of the branches in clusters of flowers. Plumeria plants are collected for the beauty and wonderful fragrance. Used in Hawaii as a welcome gift to visitors as a Lei - floral necklace of flowers.


      The flowers are very fragrant and they can be trimmed / pruned to grow in a pot. Use the same type of soil you use for your succulents or use a tropical mix but give them more water than succulents during growing season.  In addition, use the fertilizers you use for your adeniums.


     All well rooted plants growing in 6" pots.  Height varies from 16" to 21" tall. All have two or more branches.

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