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  • Color: various
  • Plant Size: various
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Adenium Seedlings Are ready!

18 Seedling Plants per pack Some are Huge for seedlings!



      These are good size adenium desert rose plant bonsai seedlings.  Fact: This just like the ones seen on a TV shopping channel (received from same grower).  The only difference between the TV channel and here is that these cost less and you get MORE of them.


  COLORS:    5..6 white flower adenium plant
                    5..6 red flower adenium plant
                    5..6 Pico (image 3)
                    3..4 splash (image 4 and sometimes its a stripe like image 2)

        Yes, they can bloom this young if grown them in the right environment (use Dyna-Gro Bloom).  Usually people do not fertilize so it may take longer to get them to bloom. Some fo these have bloomed this season.

SIZE:   Each of these desert roses will need at least a 2” pot except for the plash which will need  a 4" pot.

Caudex size: 1/3" to 2/3"
                    Splash caudex 1" or larger. Most splash have more than one branch.


        Have you ever wanted to try grafting desert rose plants? Or bunch graft adeniums (combine several adenium seedlings into on plant)?  These are perfect size to use as grafts onto other large adeniums


 SEED GROWN: These were grown from seeds and 93% of them are growing true to color.    You may get some variation but most will be as stated.

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