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  • Manufactured by: AdeniumRose Company
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  • Plant Size: Caudex 3 inches or wider
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Ora NP- adenium plant new Not Proven (see photo gallery for Nopt Proven description). Great contrast and rich colors. Please Read what "Not Proven" means - Please note images from Thailand are labeled "Not Proven" which means we have not seen the actual flower bloom.


     When they bloom, we will take new images and remove the words "not proven". Usually images received from Thailand are only 60% to 70% accurate. Once they start to flower we will replace the images with ones we take. All images with "not-proven" or "NP" are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate adenium flower colors.


     Adeniums have many spectacular hybrids flower types. The desert rose plant grows great in pots and warm climates (deserts and tropical) in the ground. Adeniums do not like either over-watering or drying-out. The secret to how to create a weird shape of the base is simple: expose a bit more of the root system of the adenium and use shallow bonsai type pots. The plant will form more roots that will go down. Make sure you use a good quality fertilizer to make your plant develop large swollen exposed roots called the caudex on this flowering succulent.


     Fertilizer requirement for swelling up trunks is also used to increase flowering. Most hybrids and species start blooming in the spring when the conditions are warm and days get longer, and continue blooming through the fall and winter in warmer climates. Use Dyna-Gro bloom before spring to increase flowering and time released fertilizer such as 6-6-10 the rest of the year (see fertilizers on this site for more information on adenium, succulent and cactus requirements).

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