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"Discover How Without Experience to Easily Make Unique Walking Sticks With Your Own Two Hands"

       (Join this fantastic hobby or turn a hobby into extra cash!)

From the backyard of Mike Klein:

        While you are waiting for your first hot tips in 5 to 10 minutes via email, why not get well on your way to making fantastic walking sticks and staffs now!

       Hiking and walking are activities we choose to get out and discover nature at its best.  You and your buddies hike unique places other people just think about.  Making hikes sticks is a great way to bring your memories back home and possible way to make money too.

       It's a fantastic hobby but it can cause problems.

       Last year my wife complained.  She said I need to make some room.  My hobby grow from making sticks to almost a production line for gifts to friends and family members. It was just taking too much room in our house.  No, I do not have a fancy work room with expensive tools and gadge000FF">So People Gladly Paid Me $457 for Wooden Walking Sticks They Can Make Easily Themselves?


          I kept getting asked by my many relatives and friends to make them hiking sticks and staffs.  They were very choosy in the ones they want (size, color, finishes, carvings, etc.) so I have a bunch left over.

         That's when my wife said to make room.  Forget about the room full with her Barbie Doll collection, tones of holiday ornaments, knitting projects, and other things she collects.   I had to make room so I did.

        This is a hobby for me. So I though maybe at local flea market I can sell a few to make room.  I sold 17 of my sticks in 3 hours and made $457.  These were not my better sticks. These were some of the ones relatives did not want.

But not only that . . .

      The first one sold for $37.00 and then a stone inlaid walking staffs sold for $97. The walking stick one only took two hours to make with the total cost of $3.17  The stone was found in a stream - cost zero. The stain, sand paper and rope for the handle cost $3.17. Profit of $93.83!

      Plus, I found the tree root from my neighbor Ficus tree trimmings (here in Miami Ficus trees grow fast and their aerial roots make interesting shapes!). Here were the results of the flea market:


  •      7 of the sticks I sold that day were straight bamboo staffs of different sizes with a weaved rope handle sold for  $29 each. I wood burned some images of birds on the bamboo.

  •     3 were ones with wood burned images of animals on birch sticks which sold for $35 to $43 each 

  •     2 of them were Ficus walking sticks with inlaid stones sold for $85 & $97. One of the buyers says he pans to use it as a wizard staff in a school play.

  •     2 hiking sticks made of strong aged cedar (wood collected from a Tennessee trip) with inlayed copper metal strips on the top sold for $53 each.

  •     3 were carved sticks with a wind spirit that sold within the first 1 hour for $49 each. These were ones I made when I just learn to carve.

        I'm proud of my accomplishments -- but I'm not telling you all of this to brag.  I am a living proof that the average person, who began with no wood working skills or knowledge, can make their own unique walking stick and people paid me to do it.

        I'm telling you this because one of the hardest  things you can do is to put your faith in someone who has good intentions, claims to have experience and abilities to tell you how to do something...

                            ... but you do not know the person.


"Here's See for Yourself Some of the First Walking and Hiking Sticks Made by Beginners"


      If you are like me, who had no experience at all, then here's proof that you absolutely can make unique wood hiking sticks and walking staffs with a little help.   I messed up many sticks in the beginning but over time, through trial and error, I made hand made some great unique walking and sticks .

      Where ever I hike, people want to know where I got my sticks.   I told them, "I just collected sticks and roots that appealed to me and start to work them in the evenings when I got home". 

Here's some of  the results...


 "Now I Look foreword to work the sticks I collected in the woods"

      The techniques from Mike enables me to make great hiking sticks. I even learned different staining techniques to create stain patterns.  Now, I look foreword to work with the sticks I collected in the woods. Thank you!"

Rick Escauriza, Miami Florida


P.S.  " Mike I just finished carving a wood spirit just like the one in the guides. I did a practice one as described and then produced this one. Now I just need to stain it and create highlights to give contrast using a technique Mike Showed me"

    "All I used as a tool was my pocket knife, sand paper and the fantastic direction with images in the ges. This is the first one I ever did! Thank you again.

"It just plan looks awesome."

      After looking at some of the sticks Mike created I decided to try it myself. I met Mike while he was hiking outside Estes Park (about 2 hours from Denver).  I collected a couple of the correct type of saplings while I was hiking. Then I used techniques from Mike guides to turn the wood collected into sticks that reflect me. I made 7 walking stick so far and each one is better than the first. The first walking stick was a free hand wood burning water scene with ducks . Then I did a  tree design from a template I create using Mike's guides. I'm not an artist but I can do this!

Also, I  used Mike's instructions to weaved a hand grip which adds a finish touch to the walking sticks. I used parachute cord instead of leather because leather tends get wet and cracks as Mike suggested. The weaved cords are easy to make. They are stronger and last much longer. Now I make 100% of all the parts of my walking sticks. Thank you Mike!

I'm going to start the carving section next to learn how to carve an eagle and wood spirit!

Brian Roberts, Denver Colorado

      Two years ago My friend Rick was admiring a unique walking stick in a store after we  hiked in Montana. It wasn't anything fancy. The hiking stick had a weaved rope cord hand around hickory stick with an inlayed copper meal band. It was priced at $129.99 which was out of his range.

       The next day we met over hot chocolate (he had coffee). He mentioned that he wanted an unusual hiking stick like the one I used on our hike. He told me about the stick he saw in the store. Before he could ask I realized he was setting me up for something

       He wanted me to make the stick for him or show him how.  I told him to find a sapling, branch or root in the woods with a shape he liked. He finished his coffee and took off. Rick went out to the woods and found a couple great limbs to use for hiking sticks.

      When he arrived back in Miami, he started to work with some instructions from me. And after a few hours with his new hobby he had a great walking staff with a copper band inlay. Since then he has made several more, one from each of his recent hiking trips. Plus, his son now makes Wizard staffs for his friends (he sells them for $47 each)!

      Suddenly it hit me — if there was a demand out there, I could make clear step by step A to Z instruction guides on How to make unusual wood hiking sticks and walking staffs by hand! And if they hike, walk or backpack, then they be proud to hand make their own wood hiking stick!

      When I first started making walking sticks, I bought tree and wood identification books, wood working and hiking stick making books, studied a bunch of expert how-to guides on carving, and read just about every on the internet

      It took many weeks and months of trial and error when I first started.   All I know was that I wanted a unique and useful hiking stick that I can say, " I made it my self and it's as good as anything you can buy".  

       I spent $387 dollars on books, magazines subscriptions, tools, and other things I though I need. I spent days researching and trying different methods of how to make creative walking sticks. 

      What a waste! The people showing "how to" are veterans with many, many, many years of experience and they have all the expensive that make it easy.  Plus, the books and magazines only took me through one part of the stick. I just wanted a simple step by step instructions how to make a fantastic looking hiking stick without the hassles.

       I wanted an low cost A to Z guide on how to make sticks from the collecting, handling making, carving, bottom metal tip making to wood finishing.

    The result was the A to Z Guide to Easily Hand Make Unique Walking Stick Making.

      Now friends use the guide that details in simple steps, from A to Z, how to make great looking walking sticks with wood they collected. 

        If you are thinking, "but I'm all thumbs with tools!" Rick, Brian and I use to feel the same way.  If you can tie a knot, carve a simple pumpkin or paint a fence you have the skills already.

       And you'll LOVE the pride of your own handy work making your unique sticks when your walking or hiking buddies say, "How did you make it? - It looks great." I promise you that!


"With a bit of help, absolutely anyone can make a unique hiking stick or walking staff, a true piece of art...

... with virtually NO previous wood working experience"

       I wish that during my many months of figuring out the techniques, tools, and methods, I had known these tips and tricks you're about to learn today.

     Instead, I spend many months and hours with costly "trial and error" methods. I reviewed many wood working books, spent countless hours on  the internet reading "How to Make a Hiking stick" that were little more than Boy scout drill hole for rope and paint to finish the stick. Plus the wasted time in libraries to find a useful beginner guide that turned out to be very discouraging.

And get bragging rights, "I made it with my own two hands"

      But YOU don't have spend the many hours of research and make costly errors that ruin great looking limbs, roots and saplings that you collect -- I've done the groundwork for you!

      What you'll get is a step-by-step guide to make sure you enjoy making, with your own hands, a true quality wooden stick that will give you a great memories of your favorite forest, desert, park or mountain hiking area.

      Plus, you will get dozens of helpful "How to" tips for all types of hiking sticks from unique shaped roots, metal and stone inlayed walking staffs to a carved critter or wood spirit hiking sticks!

      Am I saying that if you follow these guides I'm about to share with you, that all of your will be an expert wood worker, inlay artist or wood carver overnight?

No, of course not.

      There is NO magic pill for becoming an expert overnight.  And there will never be. 

      But what I am saying is that it is pretty normal that within only a short time (few hours) after you start using these step by step guides, you will create sticks that reflects your love of the outdoors. And a while later, true pieces of art with inlayed metal, stones and even carved wood. Take your time because you have full 100% risk free 6 months to try the guides. Get the guides now!

     And after a couple of months...

      Well, it's up to you. After a few months, you might grow to love this hobby so much that you may need to sell some at the Flea market or on-line to make room for more.

      People keep asking me to make sticks for them. I only have so much time to make sticks for friends, relatives and neighbors.  So I've decide to make these guides available to you, in a special eBook that you can own in the next few minutes. . .  

And the best thing about them is...


    You don't need to be a wood working expert


    You don't need to know anything about curing, types or collecting wood  


    You don't need to know how or what tools to use 


    You do not need to spend countless hours doing boring research


    It's not pricey


    It's not some scheme to get you to buy a bunch of accessories, tools or extra stuff


    It complete and doesn't require a lot of money to get started

     And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with this approach is these guides prevent the destruction of your favorite wood stock that you just collected on your last hike by making mistakes.

Discover How Easy it is, For Yourself, How to Hand Make a Hiking Stick and Even How to Carve a Hiking Staff

     Once you download your copy of my exclusive Guides, which I've called "How To Make Unique Wood Walking and Hiking Sticks yourself" you'll discover EXACTLY what you need to do to get started making, burning, and carving your handmade hiking staff right away!

Here is what you will get:


Simple Step-By-Step easy to understand instructions and images that starts you out right. It explains different stick designs and takes you from collecting the wood, to peeling the bark and on to the finishing steps.


Staining Techniques and Choices. Staining is not just rubbing on color. There are methods to creating unusual patterns and shades.  Plus, tricks to bring out the beauty in the wood.


Wood Burning Image Guide for Stick Makers with over 47 patterns.  Create trees, forest, birds and other images quickly and easily. It's simple to wood burn fantastic characters and animals if you know the ticks.

     Plus, how to make hundreds of your own patterns for Free. This is a great method of making an ordinary stick to a truly one of a kind conversation piece. Learn how to put animals, faces, trees and other images on to the stick with ease!



Fancy Rope Walking Staffs and Sticks. Rope is not just for climbing. Use it to create sticks with style that can save you on a hiking trip. Learn how to create patterns (weaves) quickly for he perfect non-slip hand holds and straps.


Wood finishing and Preservation. How many coats? What to use and how to apply it. This is a greatly overlook area that can make or break your stick. How to prep the wood and how to get rid of wood boring bugs! 


Step By Step to silver, copper and even magnet metal Inlay. Did you know people wear copper bracelets and magnet pendants for health reasons? This is great area to explore if you are thinking about making money with this hobby. Have you seem anybody offering healing hiking sticks or walking staffs. I haven't. Or inlay silver to create a true master piece. The options are endless.


Stone Inlay. This guide covers gems and stones suggestions. Which one are best base on hardness and even what to look for when you are self collecting. Plus, it covers which cut stones work best, which ones to avoid at all costs and where to get quality ones at a low price.


Work Place Safely is a must. Get great safety tips on how to properly work to reduce injury. How to hold the wood and even quick clean up tips.  Things happen while driving, hiking, swimming and even walking. The better prepared you are; the more you will enjoy your work.


Carving for Beginners. Look you will not become a master carver overnight. However, you can make some great carvings if you know the basic steps and tricks. Even make a wood spirit. Who knows you may enjoy carving so much you might become an expert yourself! 


After Stick Making Projects: Put all the skills you learn for other wood working projects with the left over limbs and branches. Great gifts, decorative walking stick holder and more.


      Plus many more tips, suggestions and tricks to make it a great experience.


     Each of the Guides will show you in detail what you need to do, various options and additional ideas to take a basic hiking stick to the next level with steps for you to follow.


But that's not all...


        ... Because not only will you discover how to collect, stain, sand, carve, wood burn, inlay, hands and rope work to hand make walking sticks and gain a great hobby, you'll also learn how to...

1. Measure the Correct Height - Critical for Proper Usage.  Many people just pick up a piece of wood and do not think about possible back aches and other issues. One of my favorite walking sticks turned into my wife's because I did not measure the right height. Her gain my lost. Do you want to make the same mistake?

        This is a critical step. Improper height can cause shoulder, arm and hinder your hike instead of helping it.  the correct height and hand position will prevent aches and pans and make our hikes last longer. Get this critical information in the guides.


2.  Prevent wood rot and breakage. Just when you started to enjoy using your own hand made wood stick it cracked or split. Learn how to prevent  this problem. How to get rid of wood worms and other pests too!

        If you do not properly cure and preserve your stick then expect the worse. Wood is a natural material that needs protections to provide many years of useful service. Learn the steps to protect your hand made projects.


3. Get "I Did it"  bragging rights.  Has a friend ever commented about something you built, created or fixed. Just think about walking around your area or hiking with your friends receiving great comments about your great workmanship.

          This is a great hobby for people with all thumbs.  The guide takes you step by step through the process so anybody who can handle simple tools (knife, sanding, paper, etc.) can do it and it 100% guaranteed!       


4. Become an expert yourself. Nothings say you need to stay with the basics. You will be given many ideas to improve and create fantastic walking staffs and sticks. Earn money with your hobby.

            You can make money with this hobby. People love walking sticks. They are great for art shows, church fairs, internet and even on consignment. If you live near a national park even better! Plus, they are very very low cost and fun to make to make.

            You can even teach classes for scout troops, campers and friends too!


5. Identify the best wood. Nothing is more frustrating than working with wood that is either too brittle, heavy or just does not work well. Knowing what wood to use will prevent frustrations and add enjoyment to hobby.

              Now what types of wood to self collect. Which ones are best and provide great grain variations. Get suggestions of what wood is best for beginners and favorite wood for carving.


6. Avoid costly mistakes. Prevent mistakes that turns great shaped and unusual wood you collected into scraps of trash. Have you ever jump into a project only to find later that you either have to start all over or trash the project because of a skipped step?

                Avoid walking stick wrecking errors. You spend time collecting your wood so you have a lasting memory of your trip. No make sure to avoid costly mistakes.  The guides include over 87 mistakes making avoidance tips.


7. Waste not ant not. What do you do with those short pieces of left over wood you collect? Get instruction on how to turn short sticks into useful wood work and even everyday useful items made by you.

                Why stop at walking sticks and staffs? Apply the skills you learned and ideas to other projects. 


      And you’ll get over 87 wood working hot  tips in the guides!

The guides


"I'll be Blunt:     I Want to Help You With This Great Hobby"


Here's something else you should know about me...

      I'm interested in working with people who are committed to making quality wood hiking sticks, walking staffs and cane walking staffs.

      Now, initially I was going to offer this for $137 due to the with live phone support i wanted to offer. However, I realized that I could not keep up with the phone calls.

     Here is what I'm going to do: You'll get all the guides for only $37 and offer free support via email or my blog (as simple to use as email) as a special limited time bonus. But you must act now!

       When you thing about it, it'll cost you less than night out, a pair of hiking boots or walking shoes. Plus, you will bypass tons of research and avoid costly mistakes. How much time you will save making hiking sticks that you will make by yourself, for yourself. 


      Give them as gifts to your hiking buddies or spouse. Enjoy bringing a part of your hiking trip home!

      And that's why I've decided to put a very reasonable price of just $47 on these guides. I think that's a fair trade. Hours of research, trial and error. Mistakes made and sticks broken before you. This is a hobby that will give your years of enjoyment. Why not start without the problems and hassles?

'"Special Bonuses if You Act Now"

Wait! Before you start you need to know when to start and what to use.

      It's important to select the right type of stick, sapling or limb to use. Not all wood is up to the task in strength or durability. Some wood just does not work well. Get this free bonus "Hiking Stick Woods: How to Prevent Problems Before You Start Your Own Project". 

->Bonus #1: Discover these important details before you get frustrated with your projects. Nothing is worse than collecting or starting with wood that just will not work well. Learn how to prevent major wood working headache of bad wood!  Save countless hours of frustration.

     Wait there is more bonus. . .

          "How to Stop Walking Sticks Ruining Wood Cracking"

     Can you imagine creating a unique walking stick just to see it crack in half? You can prevent this. It' important to properly cure wood and learn other wood saving tricks of the pros. This is a great hobby and knowing tips and tricks will make the difference between giving up in frustration and creating unique walking sticks and hiking staffs.

     You just spend your time collecting the stick on your vacation to make a lasting memory. You created a unique walking stick with your own two hands?

      What is it worth to you to prevent a crack destroying stick or hours of headaches working the wrong type of wood?  $67?  $89? This alone will save countless hours of head aches and ruined projects. You get this Bonus NOW and you get to keep it no matter what!


   Stop Throwing Away Your Left Over Wood"

 Bonus #2: Wood After Hiking Stick Making Projects. Fantastic step by step projects for left over limbs and wood to accompany your stick making projects. Why stop at stick making?   Why throw away perfectly good wood?

            Get this bonus now and receive hours of more wood working activities and you can do the projects you on trips at absolutely now cost to you! Yours to keep even if you return the "How to Make Unique Walking and Hiking Stick" guides.


     And I'm Not Done Yet!

               Just added to this bonus . . .

                           Get a super walking stick wood carving extra  project.


        This project adds another dimension to your walking stick making skills. This is a carving project brings all the walking stick making techniques together and it is yours FREE even if you do not keep the walking stick making guides!

       The bonus project walks you through carving a fish swimming up rock bed steam while the water is lapping above. And there is more. It even talks and shows you how to add paint to enhance your project.


"How to get the Help You Need When You Need it!"

Limited Time Person to Person Bonus #3: This is invaluable support for as long as you need it. Just ask a question and get a quick response. If you need help - get it! 

            Have you ever started a project and spent hours doing something just to discover that you need help?  This is true One on One personal help just for you. If you are stuck ask for help. Whether it's concerns the wood, carving, rope work, staining, or whatever. Just ask and you will get a prompt response!


       Bonus #3 is a very limited bonus. I will only be offering this bonus for a short period. I'm only one person and I want to personally help you with your project. I can only answer so many questions a day before I have to say no more to new people. Once I feel I can not answer the questions in a timely manner I will remove this bonus offer for new people.


         If you want true person to person help then you need to act now!


Over $97 in Extra Bonuses Not Including Person to Person Unlimited help only being offered for a short time.        

Bonus Product Image Learn How to carve this Eagle head!


"You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try this Guide!"

      If you are still not 100% sure that these guides will help you avoid mistakes. Help you reduce time and give you the help you need to make quality unique quality hiking sticks and walking staffs then let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional Unprecedented Guarantee of Satisfaction...


         Try your hand at Making Your Own Hand Crafted Wood Walking Stick or Hiking Staff.  Take a full six months.

        You be the judge!!!

         If you are not thrilled with the guides, just let me know for a prompt and courteous refund.  I'll even let you keep bonuses as my thanks for giving my guides a try.


It's that simple. Full 6 Month 100% Risk Free Guarantee.


"Get started now making your own hand crafted quality Hiking and walking sticks in the next five minutes..."

       So snag your copy right now. I personally guarantee you hat are going to be happy with your bring home memories from your  hikes, backpacking and other adventures. That's a 6 month guarantee! Plus get all those great bonuses even if you decide you do not want the guides. But you need at act now!

So let's get started.

         Remember: If you're not thrilled with my guides, just let me know within the 6 months, pay nothing, and keep the Super Bonus Package #1 and #2 -- no matter what you decide. 

          Plus, if you at fast you will get the One to One Limited Time Offer Bonus 3 all for just $37.  Less than what it costs for a two movie and cheap dinner.

      Expect a personal email from me with the guides attached for quick and easy download. Use them for a full 6 months.   Get it now!

Get it now Download or Order in DVD format You do not need a PayPal Account

To your success in your new hobby,


Michael Klein


I want to be crystal clear this is not some cheesy thrown-together Word document cut-and-pasted from random websites who don't even know what they're talking about — these Guides are assembled by me and every part of it has been review and tested by people with no experience to give you the ability to create quality truly unique walking staffs and hiking staffs 100% guaranteed!

Look would you rather spend countless hours researching, experimenting, destroying good wood?  Hassles turn a fantastic hobby into a pain in the neck which causes many people to give up.   That's why it's important to get the guides and the fantastic limited time bonuses right now!   You want to have fun not aggravation - correct?